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7-Eleven Launches Mocca Buns With KAFFIBRE™ Across Denmark

Cakes, called Mocca Buns, next to a freshly made latte on a 7-Eleven poster.
Photo by: 7-Eleven Denmark

Kaffe Bueno, the Danish coffee upcycling company, has partnered with Easyfood, 7Eleven Denmark, and Peter Larsen Kaffe to launch new Mocca Buns made with KAFFIBRE™, a unique ingredient derived from coffee by-products made by Kaffe Bueno.

The Mocca Buns, which are caffeine-free and rich in protein and dietary fibres, were launched in 7-Eleven stores across Denmark on the 30th of March 2023. This collaboration was enabled by Circular Coffee Community. A community by Peter Larsen Kaffe and its mother company, Löfbergs Coffee Group, is driving innovation for circular transformation in the world of coffee: "In Circular Coffee Community, we believe that we can make a difference when working together. This case is a beautiful example of that. Together with Kaffe Bueno, Easyfood, and 7-Eleven, we show how circular economy practices can drive innovation and create sustainable solutions. Waste should be seen as a resource, and we are excited to see KAFFIBRE™ being used in a delicious and nutritious way that hopefully makes sense for the consumers as well. We want to continue to foster these types of collaborations and promote sustainable practices throughout the coffee industry," says Lars Aaen Thøgersen, Chief Innovation Officer at Peter Larsen Kaffe and Löfbergs Coffee Group.

KAFFIBRE™ is a versatile and sustainable ingredient suitable for gluten-free, high-fibre, and high-protein recipes. This key ingredient is an upcycled fibre derived from coffee by-products, providing an environmentally friendly solution to the food industry. Kaffe Bueno's upcycling process not only helps to reduce waste but also offers a sustainable alternative to traditional ingredients. The company is proud to provide a sustainable option that doesn't compromise on quality or taste and looks forward to continuing its mission to create a positive impact on the world through coffee upcycling.

Cakes, called Mocca buns, on a tray in front of a poster explaining the process of how the bun was made using an upcycling technique.
Photo by: Kaffe Bueno

"Innovation does not always happen overnight. Sometimes it is a long process with many unknowns, and in this case, the collaboration has been going on since 2018. But it has been a pleasure to be part of the process and contribute with the know-how we possess at Easyfood, and jointly develop a fantastic product. I have always been drawn to the passion that is present in entrepreneurship, and we have also experienced that to a great extent in our collaboration with Kaffe Bueno,” says Flemming Paasch, CEO at Easyfood.

The coffee buns fit perfectly with the convenience store chain's ambitions to reduce food waste and offer healthier and more sustainable food, says the Category Manager for bakery products at 7-Eleven, Emilie Skouboe Madsen. "When we can talk sustainability, food waste, and better utilization of resources in something as common and as Danish as a bun for your coffee, it becomes tangible and understandable. And then it becomes easy to make a difference both for us as a company and for our customers. This way, we can change the perception of sustainability from something difficult and extraordinary to something completely normal," she says.

Partnering with Easyfood and Peter Larsen Kaffe has been crucial in bringing the Mocca Buns to market. It's great to see 7-Eleven's commitment to sustainability and reducing food waste, and we are thrilled to have our product available in their stores across Denmark. We hope that this launch will inspire more companies and individuals to think creatively about how we can use waste products in innovative and sustainable ways, and we are excited to continue developing new products and partnerships in the future.

As Kaffe Bueno’s Co-Founder and CCO, Alejandro Franco states, “This partnership shows the world the potential of coffee beyond a caffeinated beverage, which uses 1% of coffee’s potential. At Kaffe Bueno, we take advantage of the remaining 99% to help transform this “waste” into a resource.”


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