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Coffee beans in the palm of a hand

Unlocking coffee’s full potential. For healthier people and a happier planet

We’re driven by a higher purpose

To us, coffee is not just coffee. We see beyond the cup. We envision a world where coffee is not just a morning ritual but a revolutionary force driving sustainability and innovation. We exist to redefine coffee. From a mere caffeinated beverage to a potent, sustainable resource capable of enhancing societal wellbeing. 


And by unlocking the untapped potential of coffee by-products, we're leading the transition to natural, phasing out unsustainable ingredients from everyday products. To us, every bean is a symbol of hope and innovation, with the power to make a significant societal impact, while helping the planet to recover. So when you say coffee bean, we say potential to change the world.

Closeup image from Kaffe Bueno's lab

Innovation that drives change

Our innovation is driven by solving problems across the industries responsible for society's wellbeing, which ironically are filled with unsustainable ingredients. Through our next-gen natural ingredients, we provide the market with high-performing cost-effective solutions to accelerate the transition to natural sustainably. Without compromises in performance, quality or margins.

Lab image of beacon with oil
Closeup of coffee bean

Upcycling coffee, a smart and natural solution

Only 1% of coffee is used to make a cup of coffee. This makes it the most underutilised resource on Earth. Coffee is a highly bioactive plant and coffee by-products, such as spent coffee grounds, traditionally seen as ”waste”, are filled with antioxidants, fatty acids, diterpene esters, proteins, sugars and other health-promoting compounds. 

By upcycling spent coffee grounds, we extend the life of the coffee bean and make it work for more purposes, across more industries. A smart solution that unleashes the hidden potential in coffee, while contributing to lower harmful CO2 emissions created by the coffee industry.

And as our natural upcycled ingredients replace unsustainable ingredients in everyday products, we are further contributing to lower CO2 emissions, minimise deforestation and to free up virgin land that can be used for better purposes.


More than one hundred studies have proven coffee as a “super ingredient”, confirming its association with health positive outcomes.

Coffee beans in different stages

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