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The worlds first coffee biorefinary

The world’s first coffee biorefinery

A new refinery for 
new generations

We have built the world’s first coffee biorefinery. Located in Copenhagen, Denmark, our brand new R&D and production centre is designed to meet the increased demand for natural ingredients across the industries sustaining society’s wellbeing. Our pioneering biorefinery is the global hub of innovation for unlocking coffee’s health potential.

Close up on Kaffair®-B powder
Lab image close up
Close up on KAFFIBRE® powder

What is a biorefinery?

A biorefinery is an integrated, state-of-the-art facility that converts biological materials, like plant and/or animal by-products, into a spectrum of valuable bio-based products and energy.  Through cutting-edge processes, it optimises the use of every component, mirroring the efficiency of natural ecosystems, and propelling industries towards a sustainable future

close up detailed image from Kaffe Buenos lab

Environmentally friendly production

We use green chemistry, biotech, and nanotechnology to break down coffee into its molecular components. We process and  upcycle different types of coffee by-products, sourced directly from our partners, into attractive active, functional and multifunctional ingredients for a wide range of consumer products across a wide range of industries. All in an environmentally friendly production environment.

Kaffe Bueno PC cycle

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