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Super easy Coffee Remonce

Looking to bring a nice edge to your cakes and pastries? We do have the solution! Try our coffee remonce to give your pastries a nice chocolaty and caramelized flavor.

Kaffe Bueno Pastries with Coffee Remonce
Coffee Remonce can be used in various Pastries and Cakes.


General proportions

50% Softened Butter

41% Brown Sugar

9% Coffee flour

For 250g of glazing

125g Softened butter

102g Brown sugar

23g Coffee flour


Mix well the butter, the sugar and the coffee flour.


You can use the coffee remonce as a filling in croissants and donuts or as topping in muffins and cakes. It will add a chocolaty and caramelized flavor to your pastries.

This recipe was developed by Eleni Ioannidi, Food Scientist at Kaffe Bueno.


Want to know where you can buy Coffee Flour? Learn more here.


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