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Cinnamon rolls with Coffee Remonce

Cinnamon rolls have become a widely known classic. Want to give yours an extra delicious twist? Try these Coffee Remonce Cinnamon Rolls. Warning! These are HIGHLY addictive.

Coffee Remonce Cinnamon Rolls
Cinnamon rolls with Coffee Remonce made by Kaffe Bueno


For the dough:

300g Full-fat milk

50g Fresh yeast

4 Eggs

1 pc Vanilla

1 tbs Cinnamon

1 tbs Cardamon

1 tbs Ginger

100g Brown sugar

1/2 tbs Salt

200g Softened butter

650g Gluten flour

For the glazing:

500g Softened butter

400g Brown sugar

81g Coffee flour

4 tbs Cinnamon

For the brushing

2 Egg yolks


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Make the dough:

- Mix the yeast with eggs, vanilla, cinnamon, cardamon, ginger and brown

sugar. Pour the milk and mix with some salt.

- Mix some flour in the liquid ingredients and then add butter. Pour the rest of the flour until you end up with a soft dough.

- Form the dough in a ball and let it rest for 15 minutes.

- Roll the dough so that it measures approximately 50X40 cm.

Make the glazing

- Mix well the butter with the brown sugar, the coffee flour and the


- Spread the glazing on the dough sheet.

- Roll the dough and cut 1 1⁄2 cm pieces.

- Lay the pieces in a baking sheet and let rest for 35 minutes.

- Brush the rolls with the egg yolk and bake at 185°C for 15-18 minutes.

This recipe was developed by Eleni Ioannidi, Food Scientist at Kaffe Bueno.


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