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Upcycling Coffee in Fashion

Rooted from their desire to turn ‘waste’ into value, Danish fashion leader, Ganni, joins the #BuenoMovement.

Their coffee grounds are upcycled into luxurious hand soaps.

This inspiring initiative was made possible thanks to a collaboration between Damn Good Coffee Company [coffee supplier], Ganni [coffee consumer] and Kaffe Bueno [coffee upcycler].

Ganni and its founder Nicolaj Reffstrup are famous for consistently inspiring more conscious actions throughout the fashion industry.

Reffstrup says “Turning our used coffee grounds into soap and mushrooms won’t single-handedly solve the climate crisis, but initiatives like this still have their justification. They help create awareness and nudge people into making small, more responsible choices every day”

Damn Good Coffee Company works with larger offices, and co-working spaces. Zero waste packaging, emission-free delivery and upcycling coffee grounds are just some of the ways they redefine the coffee supply chain.

Co-founder Casper Willer says: “The coffee industry harms our planet with 51 million tonnes CO2 yearly, in Europe alone. It’s a huge problem to solve. We want to inspire more companies in a climate-neutral direction. Ganni turning waste to new luxury products is a great example.

Kaffe Bueno’s pioneering circular biorefinery process enabled this project to become a reality. The clean extraction process allowed Ganni’s coffee grounds to yield an active oil that is used as an ingredient in the luxurious soap now enjoyed by Ganni. This oil, Kaffe Bueno Oil, has scientific evidence of providing moisturising, anti-ageing, skin barrier-enhancing, and sun protection benefits.

Alejandro Franco, Co-Founder of Kaffe Bueno says. “Our partnership with Ganni reflects the importance of changing the perception of what we consider as waste. For centuries, coffee grounds have been mistakenly considered waste, when in fact they are a wasted resource.”


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