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Thank You for Making 2018 a Bueno Year!

Updated: Dec 28, 2018

Another year is almost gone, and we couldn't be anything else but thankful. Thankful for both successes and failures. Thankful for all the people; partners, clients, friends, colleagues; everyone who has in someway or another been a part of this crazy journey we decided to embark ourselves on.

You might've seen some of what happened throughout 2018 with Kaffe Bueno... but, in case you're interested, we've made a recap for you.


  • Kaffe Bueno receives investment from Capnova. Learn More


  • On our bikes, we started collecting coffee waste from different coffee shops around Copenhagen, in order to extract the second pilot production of coffee oil. The first one was in 2017 with DTI (Danish Technological Institute). This year we still worked with them, but also made a larger production of the oil so we could start sending samples to clients.

One of the bikes we used to go around Copenhagen collecting coffee grounds. Yes, it was cold.


  • Made first pilot production of coffee oil + Bueno Naturals (end-products prototypes to demonstrate versatility of coffee oil).

  • Started collecting feedback from influencers in Copenhagen, from the end-products produced with coffee oil.

  • Attended In-Cosmetics Global 2018, largest cosmetics trade fair worldwide.

Kaffe Bueno Recycled Coffee Oil


  • Nominated as Best Nordic Startup by Innofrugal in Finland.

  • Winner of Iværksætterprisen Amager as Best Startup 2018 by Rotary Klub. This award was given on the basis of most detailed and scalable business plan, innovation and measurable social and environmental impact.

Alejandro (centre) representing Kaffe Bueno being awarded Best StartUp Award 2018 by Rotary Club.


  • Nominated as Best FoodTech Startup in Denmark by Nordic Startup Awards.

  • Developed Kaffe Bueno Coffee Flour, as well as different recipes to bake with it. Read recipes here.

Top from left to right: croissants with coffee remoncé, gluten-free bread, müsli squares, crackers, coconut-coffee date bites, coffee-dough cookies. Bottom: cinnamon rolls. Dark using coffee flour in the dough, the right one in the remonce.

  • By now, we’ve collected over 400kg of used coffee grounds, by ourselves, on our bikes, collecting every day.

  • Made 1,000 upcycled coffee soaps for Smukfest, by recycling Peter Larsen’s coffee from the festival.

1,000 Upcycled Coffee Soaps for SmukFest 2018


  • Founders’ entrepreneurial visas got extended 3 more years after business plan approval by Danish Business Authority.

  • Won prize in startup category at 360 Degrees Prize by Dansk Erherv (Danish Chamber of Commerce).

  • Danish People’s Choice Award given by Nordic Startup Awards.

Alejandro, Juan and Camilo (Kaffe Bueno Founders) at Dansk Ervherv Receiving Startup of The Year Award.


  • Exhibited at the European Forum for Industrial Biotechnology and the Bioeconomy (EFIB 2018) in Toulouse, France.

  • Companies across Denmark and Europe started experimenting with our ingredients (Recycled Coffee Oil and Coffee Flour).


  • Participated at the Nordic Organic Food Fair 2018 in Malmo, together with Agro Business Park.

  • Hosted a Disruptive Innovation Festival (DIF) session on circular economy. Watch it here. This festival is organised by the Ellen McArthur Foundation.

  • Made coffee soaps for VinoKilo.

Emilie and Emma, from Kaffe Bueno, at VinoKilo.


  • Pitched for IKEA Food management for potential partnership through bootcamp program.

  • Awarded runner-up as Most Innovative Industrial Biotech SME in Europe by EuropaBio. Learn more.

It's been a very hard-working, game-changing year. We're thankful for everything that has contributed to so many successes and learnings throughout it. However, this is just the beginning of Kaffe Bueno. We have so much more coming in 2019 and the following years. Our plans are big, and we'll tell you more about them as when time is right. For now, watch out for Scandinavia's 1st Coffee Biorefinery, opening in Copenhagen in 2019.

We wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for your 2019!

The Bueno Team.

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