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Kaffe Bueno Wins Rising Star Award at in-cosmetics Global 2024

Six people standing on a stage holding an award
Kaffe Bueno team receiving the Rising Star Award at In-Cosmetics Global Paris 2024

Paris, April 16th 2024

Kaffe Bueno, the innovative leader in upcycling coffee by-products for cosmetic applications, has been honoured with the Rising Star Award at in-cosmetics Global 2024. This accolade underscores Kaffe Bueno's significant contributions to the cosmetics industry, highlighting its success in redefining waste as a valuable resource.

Kaffe Bueno has established a robust presence in the industry by transforming coffee by-products into a series of high-value ingredients, including KAFFOIL®, KAFFOIL-R®, KAFFIBRE®, KAFFAGE®, KAFFAIR®, and the newly launched KLEANSTANT®.

Each ingredient serves a distinct purpose: KAFFOIL® and KAFFOIL-R® are prized for their rejuvenating properties in skincare formulations; KAFFIBRE® is utilised for its exfoliating benefits; KAFFAGE® is celebrated for its anti-ageing and hydrating effects; KAFFAIR® is used in hair care products for its nourishing capabilities; and KLEANSTANT®, a biobased anionic surfactant, is known for its cleansing, emulsifying, and moisturising properties, offering an eco-friendly alternative in personal care formulations. These innovative products underscore the company’s commitment to sustainability and its capacity to provide effective, multifunctional solutions across a broad range of cosmetic applications.

Alejandro Franco, Co-Founder and CCO, expressed gratitude for the award:

"Receiving the Rising Star Award is both an honour and a motivation for us to continue our mission. It reflects our successful efforts in harnessing the untapped potential of coffee by-products, and it inspires us to keep innovating for the health of our planet and the well-being of our consumers."

Kaffe Bueno extends its appreciation to the in-cosmetics Global judges and organisers for acknowledging its efforts to revolutionise the industry. Equally important, the company is grateful for the unwavering support from its team, partners, and investors, which has been fundamental to its success. Kaffe Bueno remains committed to harnessing the vast potential of coffee by-products, continuing to innovate with ingredients that benefit both people and the planet.


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