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Kaffe Bueno Steps Into Switzerland Through KICKSTART 2019

Kaffe Bueno signs innovation partnership with M-Industry, aimed at developing personal care and food products with Kaffe Bueno ingredients.

Kickstart 2019 - Left to right, Christina Senn-Jakobsen from Kickstart, Alejandro Franco from Kaffe Bueno, Lucie Kendall from M-Industry on stage at Kickstart 2019 Closing Ceremony
Alejandro Franco, Co-Founder of Kaffe Bueno (centre) and Lucie Kendall, Innovation Manager at M-Industry (right), introduce partnership at Kickstart 2019 Closing Ceremony

8th November, Zurich Switzerland - Kickstart 2019 comes to fruition after four months of intense preparation and collaboration between startups and corporates.

In July 2019, Kickstart summoned hundreds of startups from 20 countries across the world to pitch in front of a panel of experts within 6 different verticals; Cybersecurity, HealthTech, EdTech, Food & Retail Tech, SmartCity and FinTech & Crypto.

Kaffe Bueno pitched within the Food & Retail Tech. The vertical's judging panel was composed of innovation managers from the program partners, such as M-Industry/Migros (largest employer in Switzerland, has companies within food, personal care, tourism, banking, retail, and more), Coop, The Coca-Cola Company, Ricolab, Givaudan and others.

Among the ~20 startups who pitched for the Food & Retail Tech, Kaffe Bueno was selected to be part of Kickstart 2019, alongside 8 other amazing startups; Planted, SwissDecode, Nice Filler, Posidonia, Rebel Meat, Back of The Yard Algae Sciences, Heallo, PREMIUM energy.

Left to right - Christina Senn-Jakobsen (Kickstart), Alejandro Franco (Kaffe Bueno), Arnold Henrickx (Posidonia), Gavino Bronghieri (Nice Filler), Eliana Zamprogna (M-Industry), Lucie Kendall (M-Industry), Rob Agterberg (BYAS)

The accelerator consisted of bridging startups with relevant Swiss corporates to target key innovation areas where the startups' technologies and/or products could bring value to.

In September, 48 startups scattered throughout the 6 verticals kicked off the 2019 program.

During the Closing Ceremony on the 8th of November, Kickstart announced 40 Innovation Partnerships. Kaffe Bueno announced 2 agreements with M-Industry to explore the applications of Kaffe Bueno ingredients within cosmetic and food products.

We will disclose further developments in due timing.

Read Kickstart Press Release on the partnerships developed in Kickstart 2019 across the 6 verticals here.

Startups, Corporates, Kickstart Team at the Closing Ceremony


About Kaffe Bueno

We upcycle spent coffee grounds into active and natural ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional foods. Learn more


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