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Kaffe Bueno Joins Alfa Laval Innovation House Copenhagen

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We are thrilled to announce Kaffe Bueno is moving offices to Alfa Laval’s Innovation House in Søborg, Denmark.

Alfa Laval is the Swedish industrial engineering company who pioneered and industrialised the centrifugal separator in 1879 and today is a global leader in key technology areas: heat transfer, separation and fluid handling.

Alfa Laval invests globally its resources, expertise and network in mutually beneficial partnerships. On the 5th of September 2019, Alfa Laval Innovation House will hold its opening ceremony with the eight startups who will be part of it.

“Alfa Laval Innovation House, Copenhagen is founded on the belief that we achieve more together. This is where Alfa Laval, in interaction with startups, accelerates the creation of new business concepts through knowledge sharing and partnerships. It is an ecosystem where synergy and innovation are at the centre, and where the culture is characterised by curiosity and the desire to learn and develop.” - Alfa Laval

Today, Kaffe Bueno takes a big step closer to our mission; unlocking coffee’s health potential.

Being part of the Alfa Laval’s Innovation House will help us to accelerate our R&D activities, and most importantly, to scale up our technology and learn as much as we can from a company with over a century of experience in development and implementation of industrial-scale engineering projects and equipment.

We are confident this partnership between Kaffe Bueno and Alfa Laval will allow us to build the most innovative, sustainable and efficient biorefinery in the world.

More about Kaffe Bueno

As you may know, Kaffe Bueno specialises in fractionating spent coffee grounds (SCG) into their major compounds to be valorised in the cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional food industries as active and functional ingredients. This is achieved thanks to proprietary bio-technological innovations Kaffe Bueno has developed.

At Kaffe Bueno, our goal is to change the way people perceive coffee and its derivatives. We want people to stop seeing coffee as a daily beverage and rather see it in a more holistic way. We want people to understand its true value and potential uses in preventing and treating life-threatening diseases as well as to everyday skin and health treatments.

If we want this to happen, we need to be a global company, and that's what we're working towards since Day 1. Kaffe Bueno is aiming to reach a capacity of 1,200 tonnes of SCG processed per year by 2026. For this we need experts in separation technologies that will help us to continue exploring how we can best take advantage of every single molecule inside coffee. So, we could not think of a better partner than Alfa Laval, whose expertise happens to be separation technologies.

There are 7 other incredibly innovative deep tech startups at the newly opened Innovation House:

Copenhagen Atomics: “working on developing the future energy supply based on the element thorium. Thorium energy can deliver CO2- and emission-free energy while being able to interact with the production of synthetic fuels, solar and wind. Thorium is naturally found everywhere on Earth, and reserves can cover the global energy needs of the globe for the next 1,000 years. Copenhagen Atomics was established in 2015 and currently employs 10 people and has partners all over the world.”

Mediamedic: “MediaMedic have more than 20 years of experience in creating professional solutions for; e.g. product/device demonstration via 2D / 3D animation, visualization, illustration, advanced fluid simulation and Interactive Virtual Reality for use on PC, MAC, iPad, iPhone, Social Media VR/AR/MR headset - always in High Definition (HD) quality up to 8K.”

Heliac: “Solar generated at costs below any alternative anywhere. Heliac produces, delivers, and installs solar fields based on low‐cost, high‐efficiency lenses.” Nominated as one of 5 candidates for DI PRISEN 2019.

SiOx: “SiOx develops a protective coating that prevents fouling on heat exchangers. Their coating creates a very thin, smooth and dense barrier that does not affect the heat exchanger coefficient. The coating consists entirely of silicone and oxygen and is non-toxic.”

Hymeth: “The company was formed in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016. At present, Hymeth has 7 pioneering, technology patents under treatment that produce sustainable and cost-effective hydrogen, oxygen and methane - three major industrial gases.”

KiteX: Developing drone wind energy in order to create a future where renewable energy is the most cost effective option. We are building a new type of flying wind turbine that can make wind power accessible for many more locations, as well as significantly cheaper.

TEGnology: High temperature energy harvesting. Converting heat into electricity. Waste heat is one of the largest unexploited energy resources in the world. But until now, materials for upcycling waste heat to electrical energy have either been very expensive, used lead compounds, or could not operate above 200 °C. TEGnology have a solution for this now.


About Kaffe Bueno

We upcycle spent coffee grounds into active and natural ingredients for cosmetics, nutraceuticals and functional foods. Learn more


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