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Kaffe Bueno Commits to Net Zero by 2030 Along 500 Global B Corps

The Earth is in danger. We all know it.

The question is, what are we [humans] going to do about it?

Bright humans around the world, connected through B Corp, have committed to becoming emissions-free by 2030. Not just our own operations, but throughout the value chain in order to meet the Prisaftalens goal of limiting temperature rise to 1.5 degrees by 2030.

13 Danish B Corps are committed to becoming emission-free throughout the entire value chain.

In collaboration with more than 500 B Corps globally, 13 Danish corporations have committed to becoming emission-free throughout the entire value chain. The commitment to accelerate the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to Net-Zero, is seen in relation to the UN’s climate summit in Madrid, COP25.

The commitment is to become emission free by 2030 – not only on a corporate level, but throughout the entire value chain – in order to redeem the Paris Agreement’s objective to limit the temperature increase to 1,5 degrees Celsius, by 2030.
This is 20 years before the Paris Agreement’s deadline.

Internationally, companies like Patagonia, The Guardian, and The Body Shop have made the commitment. In Denmark, 12 companies have made the commitment to become emission-free by 2030 throughout the value chain.

The 13 Danish companies are Skagerak, Coffee Collective, SKANDINAVISK, Organic Basics, Søren Jensen Rådgivende Ingeniørfirma, Kaffe Bueno, Goodwings, Baisikeli, The Body Shop International, Tania Ellis Social Company, BetterGreen, MäRK and Generøs.

These companies have, like the rest of the B Corp movement, committed to reaching Net-Zero by 2030 and in order to reach this target, they will account for their progress annually.

The commitment to reach Net-Zero by 2030 is the most ambitious, company-driven climate action plan. It is the first time that such a large amount of companies have made such a significant commitment, making it is the most determined reaction to the climate crisis from a large group of companies the world has yet seen. The +500 companies are from more than 86 industries divided over 30 countries.

The common ground for all the companies in the B Corp movement. All the companies are a part of the B Corp movement and certified B Corporations. In other words, companies that live up to the highest standards of social and environmental responsibility and transparency, and who works towards more responsible business operations where you do not compete on being the best in the world but being the best for the world.

The B Corp movement is driven by courageous business-leaders, who have made a promise founded on statues and regulations to become better businesses and incorporated this promise to all stakeholders into their business’ legal DNA.

Today, more than the 500 certified B Corporations declare a climate emergency and commit to net zero in 2030. They are determined, ambitious, and show leadership at a time with serious environmental and economic instability and uncertainty. We hope that the commitment to become emission-free, not only on a corporate level but throughout the value chain by 2030, will be an inspiration to company leaders all over the world to follow and that the solutions we create can help others towards the same path. Let us work together towards a better future,” says Nille Skalts, founder of the Danish B Corp movement.

Kaffe Bueno is proud to be one of the first Danish companies to become a Certified B Corporation. We built our business in alignment with the B Corp Movement.

Hence, it is only natural for Kaffe Bueno to commit in such ambitious and much-needed cause.

In Kaffe Bueno, we are very long-term oriented, visionary, ambitious and change-makers. We are thrilled to have all these great companies in the same journey to demonstrate impact does not compromise profits, and that being conscious with our planet and resources is no longer a selling point, but an obligation.

Kaffe Bueno is committing to be emissions-free by 2025.

Read about B Corp Denmark, here.

Watch full the full UN Climate Change Conference, here.


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