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Kaffe Bueno Appoints Marcel Lubben as Chairman of the Board of Directors

Kaffe Bueno is delighted to announce the appointment of Marcel Luben as Chairman of its Board of Directors.

Marcel Lubben is an independent executive leader in the bio-based & circular economy. He works with ambitious start-ups and investors as board member, in strategic business development, as senior advisor and as venture partner. In recent years, he was Managing Director of Reverdia, of Avantium Renewable Polymers and of DSM’s Venture Capital & Licensing unit. Before that, he worked in various commercial and technical leadership positions in (bio)pharmaceutical, chemical and nutrition markets. Turning sustainability into business is what drives him.

Marcel said: “Kaffe Bueno has developed a unique proposition by turning abundantly available (but unused) side streams from coffee into unique and valuable ingredients in the beauty, health and food space. They strike a unique balance between developing cutting-edge biorefinery technology and being outspoken customer-centric. I am impressed by the team and believe they have a big future ahead of them and I want to contribute my experience to get them there fast.”

"Since the first discussion with Marcel, I could see he had a clear understanding of our vision and where we wanted to take Kaffe Bueno in the coming years. More importantly his genuine interest and excitement for our circular coffee biorefinery and novel applications for coffee, is what really set him apart. His experience within the biobased economy, venture capital and ingredients, will without doubt help us scale up and reach our goals faster. I’m excited to start working with him and paving our way towards our Series A." - said Juan Medina, CEO at Kaffe Bueno.

Interested in investment opportunities?

Reach out to Juan ( or to Marcel (

About Kaffe Bueno

Since its establishment in 2016, Kaffe Bueno’s vision has been to change people’s perception of coffee - from looking at it as their caffeine fix, to looking at it as a sustainable health elixir.

Our mission is to unlock coffee’s health potential by establishing a decentralized production ecosystem, where we aim to source coffee sidestreams locally and take advantage of every single molecule inside them. We do and will continue to do so in a way that benefits;

  • Coffee’s value chain as a whole, including its farmers by increasing coffee’s value,

  • Society’s health, by targeting skin and health conditions with circular and scientifically-tested ingredients and products,

  • The climate, as we avert 340m3 of methane for every ton of coffee we upcycle,

  • And the Wellcare sector (cosmetics, food & beverage, and nutraceutical) by offering efficacy-proven, natural, cost-competitive alternatives to harsh chemicals.


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