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KAFFAGE®: New In Vivo Data Positions Kaffe Bueno's Active for Makeup Skinification

Before and after images using the ingredient KAFFAGE
After 28 days of daily usage, volunteers who used the BB cream containing KAFFAGE-BD saw a statistically significant improvement on their skin hydration, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

In the ever-evolving consumer-centric innovation-driven personal care industry, ingredients like KAFFAGE® are the ones that move all the right needles.

KAFFAGE® is a groundbreaking multifunctional active biopolymer line of ingredients targeting BB Creams, CC Creams, Foundations, Concealers, and Tinted Sunscreens and Moisturisers.

As consumers narrow down their skin and makeup routines, they look for multifunctionality. They want makeup with skin benefits. They want skincare with aesthetic benefits. The merging of these is called, by the industry, ‘makeup skinification’. 

KAFFAGE® is the result of years of listening to the market, while using coffee and technology to help solve problems, and give the industry and people what they want. While it provides scientifically proven skin benefits, it also helps mimic all skin tones with its natural hues. Plus, it’s amphiphilic (loves both water and oil), making it easy for formulators and manufacturers to use.

Together with an approved third party laboratory, we been conducted a randomised in vivo trial, which we are excited to share with you below.

In vitro: KAFFAGE® a cellular-protective active ingredient allowing for skinification

A graph showing the benefits of KAFFAGE

The in vitro assay studied the detoxifying and protective effect of KAFFAGE on human keratinocyte cells (HaCaT) with regard to UVA-induced glycation. Human keratinocytes cells (HaCaT) are subjected to a 24- hour treatment with Melanoidins and the abundance of glycated species is assessed by quantification of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) using ELISA.

Upon exposure to UVA light, the levels of AGEs were significantly increased by 59.2 ± 0.1% with respect to non-irradiated cells, indicating that glycation is effectively induced under the tested conditions. In this regard, KAFFAGE® significantly reduced the levels of AGEs by 49.6 ± 0.1% and 28.3 ± 0.1% when applied at 0.03 % and 0.01 %, respectively, compared to UVA-irradiated, untreated cells.

In vivo: BB Cream with KAFFAGE® improves hydration, fine lines and hyperpigmentation

A randomised controlled 28-day in vivo study, involving 50 volunteers in Spain (women aged 28 to 55), underscored KAFFAGE®'s transformative impact. Notably, participants using a BB cream enriched with 3% KAFFAGE-BD® experienced a remarkable 16% increase in skin hydration, as opposed to their counterparts without KAFFAGE.

Graph and a hand with a smudge of bb cream on top
BB Cream with 3% KAFFAGE-BD® Measurement of skin hydration by corneometer
Before and after using KAFFAGE
After 28 days of daily usage, volunteers who used the BB cream containing KAFFAGE-BD saw a statistically significant improvement on their skin hydration, fine lines, and hyperpigmentation.

Utilising VISIA-CR imaging, the study demonstrates reduced fine lines in the periorbital region, elevated skin hydration, and diminished hyperpigmentation.

These tangible improvements serve as empirical evidence of KAFFAGE®'s efficacy in addressing common skincare concerns.

Beyond scientific measures, consumer perception is paramount in evaluating product efficacy. Post-study, a majority of users reported radiant, moisturized skin with a healthy glow, contributing subjectively to the holistic evaluation of KAFFAGE®'s impact on user experience.

Overview of consumer survey results
Post Use Consumer Satisfaction Survey BB Cream With KAFFAGE-BD®

A Triple-Action Ingredient

KAFFAGE is a uniquely composed biopolymer, blending arabinogalactans and phenolic groups, making it exceptionally functional in skincare applications. Its distinctive solubility in both water and oil renders it a versatile choice for diverse cosmetic formulations. KAFFAGE® offers a triad of benefits in skincare formulations:

Protective-Ageing Benefits: At a cellular level, KAFFAGE® demonstrates an unparalleled ability to prevent UV-induced glycation, preserving collagen and elastin—proteins vulnerable to UV rays that contribute to premature skin aging. In vivo, KAFFAGE® proves to be a valuable asset for retaining moisture, reducing fine lines and hyperpigmentation.

SPF Boosting: KAFFAGE® enhances sun protection, fortifying products like tinted sunscreens to provide an added layer of defense.

Mimicking Different Skin Tones: KAFFAGE® contributes to the mimicry of various skin tones, reducing the need for iron oxide usage in formulations.

In conclusion, the empirical findings of KAFFAGE®'s in vitro and in vivo studies present a comprehensive understanding of its proven skincare benefits.


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