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DKK 2.5 Mn to further Unlock Coffee's Health Potential - Kaffe Bueno &Danish Innovation Fund

Adnan Akcay, bioprocess engineer in Kaffe Bueno, holds two test tubes
Photo by Kaffe Bueno

Copenhagen, Denmark – The Danish Innovation Fund (Innvationsfonden), through their Innobooster program has decided to grant DKK 805,000 for a DKK 2.5 million research and development project by Kaffe Bueno. The rest will be financed by Kaffe Bueno.

The project’s objective is aligned with Kaffe Bueno’s long-term innovation strategy, consisting of unlocking coffee’s health and commercial potential. DTI’s capabilities and technologies combined with Kaffe Bueno’s knowledge and vision is the success recipe for this project that aims to accelerate the development of health-promoting ingredients derived from spent coffee grounds [SCG], as well as putting Denmark at the forefront of the circular economy movement.

MUDP has granted the joint partnership a grant for DKK 2.2 million, and the remaining DKK 1.7 million will be co-financed by Kaffe Bueno and DTI.

We cannot disclose much more about the project right now, but we can tell you that when successful, we will be one step closer to our vision - coffee will be stopped being seen as just your caffeine fix, and instead, it will be seen as an innovative and sustainable source of health-promoting compounds that can be used to fight diseases that affect the health of millions of people worldwide. All of this derived from what was once believed to be “waste”.

Moreover, the results of this development will enable the industries responsible for humans' wellbeing to finally replace synthetics and petrochemicals in their products.


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