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How to Make Coffee Flour Falafels

Our savory and naturally gluten-free coffee flour falafels are a perfect option to upgrade your lunch.

Kaffe Bueno Coffee Flour Falafels on plate
Coffee Flour Falafels made with Kaffe Bueno Coffee Flour


(For 8 falafels of 40g each)

150g chickpeas

1 tbsp - coffee flour (10g)

1 small onion (50g)

1 tsp garlic (3g)

1 tbsp - parsley (5g)

1 tbsp - koriander (6g)

½ tsp - cardamom (2g)

½ tsp - cinnamon (2g)

½ tsp - chili (2g)

½ tsp - baking soda (2g)

1 tsp - salt (4g)

Oil to fry - 50g

Extra salt



- Soak the chickpeas overnight in the water.

- Soaked chickpeas wash under water and blend together with onion in the food processor.

- To the fine blended mixture add salt, baking soda, chopped parsley and all the rest of the spices and mix everything until all the ingredients are well mixed.

- Cover the dough with the film and put it to the fridge for 30 minutes or more to cool down.

- Warm up the oil in the frying pan (the layer of oil should be around 2-3 cm). Form small round falafels and put it in the pan. Fry for around 2-3 minutes from each side.

- When ready and fried, place the falafels into a plate with paper towel to soak out the oil.


Nutritional Value (for 100g)

Calories - 264,1 kcal

Fat - 17,1 g

Saturated fat - 2,4 g

Monounsaturated fat - 11,7 g

Polyunsaturated fat - 2,3 g

Sodium - 656 mg

Carbohydrates - 16,9 g

Dietary Fiber - 7 g

Starch - 8,9 g

Sugar - 3,1 g

Protein - 5,5 g

Calcium - 69,1 mg

Copper - 0,2 mg

Iron - 2,6 mg

Magnesium - 46 mg

Manganese - 0,9 mg

Phosphorus - 101,9 mg

Potassium - 294,1 mg

Zinc - 0,9 mg


This recipe was developed by Elżbieta Lechowicz, Food Scientist at Kaffe Bueno.


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