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Back2Life Coffee Soaps by Kaffe Bueno

Our upcycled coffee soap is a sustainable, all-natural and vegan way to give health to your sensitive skin, using the benefits of your favourite beverage; coffee.

Photo by: Esben Riis

As part of our mission to reduce coffee waste and create a circular economy around coffee, we’re working on extending the life of Spent Coffee Grounds, a.k.a what’s left of your coffee post-brew.

So far, we have successfully launched our Recycled Coffee Oil, which could very-well become your new skincare best friend, and a nutritious Coffee Flour. But it's not over yet! We’ve got an extra surprise for you: another healthy upcycled product, this time to join you in the shower.

Back in August, SMUKFEST asked us to recycle their used coffee grounds [from Peter Larsen Kaffe] to turn them into something they could use at the festival. Knowing coffee's magic on skin and people's need to get clean at a festival, it was a no-brainer... We handmade and packed 1,000 soaps that were used by everyone at Smukfest.

upcycled coffee soaps made with used coffee grounds from peter larsen consumed recycled from smukfest, given to smukfest by Kaffe Bueno
1,000 Upcycled Coffee Soaps by Kaffe Bueno for Smukfest

We received so much great feedback, that we decided to make a 2nd round of upcycled coffee soaps, this time from coffee we recycled from KPH Projects [the co-working space where Kaffe Bueno's office lives], Social Coffee and other cafés around Copenhagen.

What Are Our Back2Life Coffee Soaps Made Of?

Our scrubby soaps are vegan and all-natural. They are handmade locally by the Bueno team in Copenhagen, using an oatmeal and shea butter base, defatted coffee grounds [post-oil-extraction], olive oil, and variations of either lavender or peppermint essential oil. And they are, of course, paraben-free.

Our upcycled coffee soap brings both your skin and used coffee grounds Back2Life!

Back2Life Upcycled Coffee Soaps - using recycled coffee grounds
3 versions of Back2Life Upcycled Coffee Soaps

Why Use Back2Life Coffee Soaps by Kaffe Bueno?

Our soaps provide gentle skin exfoliation: the Spent Coffee Grounds act as natural exfoliants by removing dead skin cells, which is key to achieving glowing skin. Shea butter, olive oil and oat moisturise your skin while helping to retain its natural oils, so no risk of a dry-out.

Spent Coffee Grounds’ properties are identical to that of coffee, also stimulating blood microcirculation, which helps reduce cellulite.

Finally, with coffee and lavender or peppermint scents - depending on which one you end up picking-, our soaps are aromatherapeutic and wake up your skin, leaving a cooling sensation that energises your whole body.

How to Use Back2Life Coffee Soaps by Kaffe Bueno?

You can use our scrubby soaps for the face, hands, & body, or anywhere you think your skin needs smoothening. First, wet the skin with lukewarm water, then gently massage in circular motions with the soap to get your skin tighter and brighter. Rinse off, and admire the smooth and glowing transformation you have achieved.

We recommend using our soaps 2- 3 times a week for best results.

We also recommend using it to scrub extra dry and calloused areas such as elbows, knees, and heels.

Photo by: Bruce Mars

Why / How Are Coffee Grounds Better Than Microbeads?

If you’ve ever used any non-natural exfoliating skincare product, you probably know that the tiny exfoliating pearls they contain are in fact micro-beads; tiny plastic particles often made of polyethylene that are extremely harmful to the environment. These contribute to the oceans’ plastic pollution and are dangerous for marine life and also human health, as they make their way into the food chain.

Our sustainable scrubby coffee soaps are the perfect way to get that radiant glow without harming the environment or yourself: instead, they are beneficial both for you and the planet. They are all-natural and made of the same deflated coffee grounds that are left post oil-extraction, which we use to produce our recycled coffee flour. Therefore, they contribute to reducing coffee waste and avoid Co2 emissions into the atmosphere.

Where To Get Back2Life Coffee Soaps by Kaffe Bueno?

Our scrubby coffee soaps will soon be available at our partner cafés and shops in Copenhagen. Can’t wait? You can also find them - and come and say hi to us - at Vinokilo’s next Vintage Kilo Sale on November 24th.

If you have any ideas where you'd like to see them, please let us know :)


Unlocking Coffee's Health Potential.

Bueno for You, Good for All.


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